Senior Consultant

Casey Simms

Casey Simms


Casey’s main focus is recruiting for the IT and Management Consulting arena across multiple business processes’ and industries. He also thoroughly understands the financial industry, leveraging his experience from his prior career, becoming a well-rounded and knowledgeable expert in recruiting.

He works closely with Blue Chip companies, Tier 1 consulting firms, Corporate Finance and Insurance Boutiques. His business development and people skills are considered to be very professional and polite.


Casey Simms

Casey started his professional career at a very young age, working for Bank of America and Wells Fargo as a licensed real estate appraiser in San Francisco. He quickly made a name for himself as one of the youngest appraisers in all of California at 22 years old. Gaining a world of market knowledge, he started to find that much older and experienced appraisers were coming to him for real estate advice.

After 8 years of working in the real estate industry, he learned how to successfully develop business and became a true peoples person. This led to pursuing a fast paced career in Financial Consulting working abroad in the APAC region, advising executives mostly in the oil and engineering industry on how to safely invest their finances while being expatriated, dealing with mainly JP Morgan and Blackrock Asian equity funds.

He then found a true passion for consulting and working with people, which is where he found his home at ATJ, thoroughly enjoying the Japanese and Asia Pacific culture and markets. He has become an experienced recruiter across many industries.

Boston, Massachusetts
Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hiking, Golf
Specialty Areas
Management Consulting, Business/Solution Consulting, Strategic Consulting
IT Industry: Technical Advisory, IT solution, Project Management